Saturday, March 13, 2010

Rain, rain go away come again another day.

The rain is inhibiting weather for the honey bee.  They cannot fly in it, which means they cannot collect pollen. Although we all know that rain helps things grow we also know too much rain can drowned things. 

The rain can stop for today, please!

On the good side of this rain, I ordered my Lemon Queen sunflower seeds for the family and one to surprise my dad with so we can do the Sunflower Project again with him long distance.  If you need any I got mine at   .  They have a nice site with other information that is good to read too.

Also, if some of you have kids, we grew Mammoth sunflowers in a circle with an opening a couple of years ago and that made the best get away EVER!  Then later we took the seed heads that were left and made a wreath for the birds during the cold months.  Try it!

I have not told anyone but I bought a huge supply of seeds to plant the other day when Gannon and I went to the nursery.  The other customers in line asked me where I lived because they thought we must have a lot of land to plant what we were carrying.  Hmmm, I should have registered that all before checking out but I did not and now I'm looking at my small brown lunch bag full of yummy, eye catching packets wondering exactly the same.  Time to gather the kids and see if they want to sell flowers and veggies seedlings with their lemonade this Spring and Summer!  Join us in coloring the landscape in all nature's beauty.