Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Blizzard of 2010

Mother Nature hit us again this new year in more ways than one. We had 25 inches of snow fall on us last Saturday. Once the snow stopped we brushed off the mega-piles on the hives and tilted them to see how light they were. Two of four boxes were worrisome. We made fondant for the hives that were light. The lightness means there is not enough food for the bees for the winter. We were hoping that we were not too late. Once we opened the two hives, we knew. One may be ok but the other was lost. The queen was up on top covered but by others but not alive. If we could have just been in a few days earlier we may have been able to save the hive.

Today we are being hit with another blizzard with 16 inches expected to fall. Hopefully, our other hive will make it with the food we gave them and hopefully the two heavy hives will continue on in good health.